Star of God Children's Centres - About Us

 The "Star of God Children's Centres" in Wa and Duori-Kuree, Ghana are daytime facilities for preschool-aged children who are orphaned or vulnerable and in need of nourishment, supervision, and education.  The children are well fed, taught, and cared for at the Centres where the staff are provided with the resources needed to help the children in their development.    

The logo to the right was designed by Patrick Kelly and depicts the flag of Ghana imbedded in the cross of Christ, while the love of His people support the little         "Star of God" Children's Centres.  

                                                                                       The Centres have been built by Fred & Elyse Maindonald in honour and memory of Don & Corinne Ketchum (parents of Elyse) whose lives were devoted to raising nine Godly children who would make a positive difference in their world.  We pray that the blessing may continue for all the children who will be served here. 

Fred & Elyse Maindonald  

The hope is that "The Star of God Children's Centres will show the children we serve the way to Jesus just as the Star of Bethlehem pointed the way to the Christ Child two thousand years ago.  

The Centres provide free services to over 250 children, 3-7 years of age, many whom would not otherwise have the opportunity for education.  At the Star of God, the children are fed, clothed, learn English and other skills needed in preparation for enrolment into primary classes in the local school.  

The children  are being cared for by people who serve as loving surrogate parents and teachers during the day. They learn about our God who created them, who loves them, and who will never leave them.  In the evening, the children are integrated with extended family and other relatives in the surrounding communities.   This model of care fosters the children's sense of safety, belonging, self-worth, and hope.


A little "Star of God"